Living Off Grid: A Simpler Lifestyle

This is slightly off topic but I wanted to share it. It involves living a simpler lifestyle; living off grid on a homestead, or in a van or cave! There are various degrees of this lifestyle in the videos that follow below, where regular people have chosen to go all out and others just tested the water. The question is, what are you willing to give up? We live in a comfort loving, consumer based, techy society with much of our creature comforts readily available at our disposal. It involves a lifestyle of being resourceful and resilient, living independent of the societal dictates, living off the land, swapping produce with a neighbour, harnessing your own energy using the natural landscape i.e. the winds, water and using solar panels, and just learning to step away from the rat race.

This lifestyle is not for the faint hearted, but these people have thrown caution to the wind and just done it. I found them inspirational; I’ve chosen a handful to share with you. As Christians we are to live a God fearing life, and something that is as life changing as this, would need to be earnestly prayed about, seeking the place where God has ordained for you to be. If you want to know more about this or how they did it, many have a step by step guide on their YouTube channels:

Bryce and Misty – 12 YEARS Living Off-Grid on a Sustainable Homestead in a Self-Built Cob Home
Ariel Living Off-Grid on a Tiny House Homestead for 6 Years
Kris – Living Off Grid In The Woods (House Tour And Morning Chores)
Tova – She has been Living in a Cabin in the Forests of Sweden for 8 years | Home Tour
Hannah – just living in my van down by the river
Hannah – I’m moving into the woods alone
Daniel – Living In A Cave | “I Haven’t Earned Or Spent A Single Cent In 14 Years” | Only Human
Fabian and Isabella give tour – Van Life Couple + 2 Dogs Travel the World in a 4×4 Camper Van
Jack and Naomi – Buying Our First House in Sweden for £8,500 – Signing the Contracts and Getting the Keys
This Couple Have Spent 7 Years in the New Zealand Wilderness
Isabel – Building A Tiny House In The Mountains – Start to Finish (Story 57)


**How to be saved: The Path To Salvation: HERE

**By Lori McPherson / Picture by pixabay