Becoming a Blessing to Others

In Matthew 14:19, we see the three steps to becoming a blessing to others:

(1) Jesus took ALL the loaves and fish;

(2) He blessed them; and

(3) He broke them.“It is only as you also allow the Holy Spirit to break the strength of your own will that you will become spiritual. “

Then the multitude was fed. This is how the Lord wants to make you a blessing to others too. You have to give Him everything first, as the little lad there did. Then He will bless you with the power of the Holy Spirit. Then He will break you through many trials, frustrations, disappointed hopes, failures, sicknesses, betrayals, etc., humble you, and reduce you to nothing in the eyes of men. Then, He will bless others through you. So, submit to His breaking. The Bible says that Jesus was first crushed and then the Father’s work prospered in His hand (See Isaiah 53:10-12).

Jesus allowed His human self-will to be broken in the different situations in His life. Only thus was He able to offer Himself without spot to His Father. It was for this purpose that the Spirit strengthened Him (Hebrews 9:14). It is only as you also allow the Holy Spirit to break the strength of your own will that you will become spiritual. Your self-will must be broken at the times when you are tempted to do what your own strong self-life would like to do, instead of doing what God wants you to do.

Your cross will be found in those places where the will of God crosses your self-will. There your own will must be crucified. There the Spirit will tell you to die. If you obey the Spirit’s voice consistently, you will remain constantly broken; and God has promised to give continuous revival to those who remain continuously broken in spirit. The Lord says, “I dwell on a high and holy place, and also with the contrite and lowly of spirit in order to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite(Isaiah 57:15).

It is good to remain at all times with a sense of your own need – poor in spirit“. But you must also believe that God mightily rewards all who diligently seek Him. All the value of being poor in spirit will be worthless, if you don’t also believe that God will bless you and fill you with His power.

Seek fellowship with the poor and the weak, in every church, and encourage them. Talk to the children and encourage them, because most people neglect the children. Always seek for the low, unnoticed place, and for the unseen ministries in a church. Don’t ever seek prominence in any church, and don’t seek to impress anyone in any way, with your gifts or your talents. But be bold always to testify in every meeting, and to serve in every way possible in the church – whether cleaning the floor or playing the piano. Don’t ever get into any competition with anyone, for any ministry. God Himself will open up the ministry that He has planned for you, at the right time, if you are faithful.


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